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"To uplift the name of Jesus Christ; and encourage and embolden the body of Christ through music."

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Beulah Land Recording Studio

Now we can record in a relaxing environment away from the noise and distraction of the city.  Beulah Land is a fully functional multi-track recording studio.  Our studio features:

  • Pro-Tools 8
  • Mixcraft 6
  • Cubebase
  • Krystal Audio

The studio is available for outside use when Joanne and I are not creating another Hit Song.  Give us a call; Please No Hip Hop/Gangsta, Alcohol, or Profanity.


My new GOSPEL CD, "I SAID YES", is available for purchase. Please check the Merchandise Page to purchase your copy.

I hope you will find the new CD to be uplifting.  It contains new original songs that glorify Christ and offer hope and encouragement to the body of Christ.  All of the songs feature my instrumental work and the great co-writing efforts of my wonderful wife, Joanne. 
"Jesus, Lord of All" and "A Distant Thunder" are two of our latest songs, penned by my wife, Joanne. Hope you enjoy them - what a story they tell!  She just keeps on writing lyrics and I put them to music. We're a regular Elton John and Bernie Taupin duo for Christ! 

Blessings to All,


Weekly Blog

A Republican lawmaker has recently proposed a bill that would require Alabama schools to begin each day with prayer. Steve Hurst, the bill’s sponsor, told reporters that the prayers would be specifically taken from the opening prayers of Congress. 15 minutes would be set aside each day for the verbatim reading of a congressional opening that would tie into the day’s lesson. In an interview with Fox News, Hurst said, "If Congress can open with a prayer, and the state of Alabama Legislature can, I don't see why schools can't…They could read the prayer from the day war was declared in World War II. They could read the prayer the day after Sept. 11." Opponents of the bill say such a proposal would be unconstitutional, with the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama arguing that the bill is a bid for teacher-led prayer disguised as a civics lesson. Democratic candidate, Stephanie Engle, has also voiced her feelings on the subject. “’I think prayer is important in anybody’s life,’ she said. ‘I think it would behoove everyone to have a course in comparative religions, but setting aside 15 minutes for a prepared prayer isn’t as constructive.’” Currently, the bill is still under debate.

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Hey Friends, I'm noticing a lot of you are listening to and enjoying my music.  I just wanted to let you know that there are several songs and interviews after the demo.

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