Over several decades of recording and performing, Rick Hill, a Hutchinson, Kansas-born singer, guitarist, and songwriter, has tackled many topics, including lonesome cowboys, endless highways, and, of course, love. I have played in a variety of country, folk, and rock bands.   

It all began at the age of eight when I spied an inexpensive Emenee guitar in the window of the local Western Auto Store. Luckily, it was Christmas-time and Santa was kind. I began playing guitar at once, but I never learned to read music until years later. I could never be satisfied with playing one instrument. This caused a great deal of pain with my high school band teachers and choir teachers.  “You could find me playing drums, trombone, or my sister’s clarinet, instead of my trumpet. Then, there were the times I hid in the soprano section, singing the girls’ parts for them (by ear of course).”   
I left home at the age of seventeen and hitch-hiked to California where I was able to meet and hang out with some of the popular musicians of the 70’s. In Los Angeles, I joined the American Federation of Musicians Union as a bass guitar player. From this venue, I was called to play with such bands as:   
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band   
Crosby, Stills and Nash   
The Drifters   
Buddy Miles   
Johnny Rivers   
Mary Wells   
Silent Messenger   
I made my first, Gary Young produced, album for Windi Records in Los Angeles. This recording led to studio session work in California and New York. I did, eventually, learn to read music, but, in the beginning, I faked my way through rehearsals and performances, playing by ear.

I am also a former member of the Grammy Award winning group, The New Christy Minstrels.   
In between performing and recording I hit the streets as a Producer and Publishing Assistant with:   
Sundaze Publishing   
Windi Publishing   
Peer-Southern Publishing   
Brown-Eyed Lady Publishing   
Barry White Music   
I put my musical career on hold and joined the Army serving as a commissioned officer in the infantry.  After several years I returned to my true love of music and the ministry.   Today I stay busy with many projects. In my studio, it’s writing songs recording. Outside the studio, it’s touring and working with my horses. 

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