brother, I have finished building the walls, but I am short of roofing tiles and the ones that are needed are 45 tiles, now it is rainy season, I am worried that it may fall because I have built  with ordinary soil. 

and it has taken me a long time to build this wall because I built it myself using ordinary soil and I collected stones for the foundation, I feel sad to see that the step of putting the roof needs tins together with me due to the life I live in poverty I can't afford to buy. 

I need 45 tins whose cost is 600 dollars and wood and nails 350 dollars, and the cost of a roofer is 100 dollars, the total cost of the roof is 1050 dollars. 

I also need 4 doors which cost 730 and 3 windows cost 150. I need cement bags, 25 bags cost 200 and sand, one trip for 40 dollars, sand for plaster and sand, total 1100. 

The total cost of the project is 2150. 

  I have known Mr. Joseph through Face Book correspondence and fine him to be a man of integrity with a love for his church and his people. He has shared with me many clips of his talent, recorded in a small home room studio. I whole heartedly feel his support is justified. Your support can be offered through this GoFundMe site, or through my website on TAB Daudi. 

This is how the funds will be used. I have requested funds above his initial request to support him and his family. The project calculations come directly from Mr. Joseph, sent to me from FB Messenger.

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