From the recording Shadows and Dreams

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The Words Have All Been Said
Written by Richard Hill
Saxonhill Publishing, BMI ©

I guess it’s you and me now
I stand here all alone
There's no one left to talk to
The doors are locked and closed

There's no one left to lie to
Our hearts are locked and cold
The words of all been spoken
Let's not walk away alone

Cry Jesus
Cry Jesus
When you’re alone

The words of man will often fail you
like passing castles in the sand
But the lowly Jesus knows you
He'll find you where you stand

What we once had is gone now
Just like sweet summer rain
There's no one left to blame now
There's no one's name to shame

We're like strangers in a movie
That doesn't have a happy
But there’s something we hold onto
Something stronger than just man

Cry Jesus
Cry Jesus